▪1st Prize Permasteelisa, “National Architectural Prize for the Energy and the Environment”, Exhibited at the SAIE, Bologna, november 1999 [Marco Sardella]

▪2nd Prize, “Enea Prize, Sustainable Development 1999”, Rome, december 1999 [Marco Sardella]

▪1st Prize “Architectural project for a civic and religious complex”, awarded by the “Vicariate of
Rome”, 18 february 2000 [Rossana Atena]

▪1st Prize, National Competition, “Paolo Sonino Prize for Environment, Architecture and Installation”, Milan, march 2000 [Marco Sardella]

▪1st Prize, Invited Competition, “Design Project for the New Technical University of Medicine and Cultural Center, Milan”, september 2002 [Labics, Daniele Durante and Rossana Atena ]
▪2nd Prize, New Sky resort, Etna North, Linguaglossa, Catania 2003 [Labics]

▪ Arches Prize, Italpromo e Libardi Associati's Headquarters, Milan 2005 [Labics]

▪European Holcim Awards, Mulini's Valley Masterplan, 2005 [Labics]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: École Francaise in Rome, 2005 [Labics]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: Resting area in Capodimonte's Museum, Naples, 2005 [Labics]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: Resting area in S.Elmo's Castel Museum, Naples, 2005 [Labics]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: Resting area in
S.Martino's Museum and Certosa, Naples, 2005 [Labics]

▪1st Prize, “Architectural Day”, Potenza, september 2005 [ATENASTUDIO]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: “The New Silk Road Competition”, Xian, China, june 2006 (in progress) [ATENASTUDIO+ Cityfoerster]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: ”The Halfencity University Competition”, Hamburg, Germany, september 2006 [ATENASTUDIO+ Cityfoerster]

▪Finalist, restricted competition: “Petrisberg Trier Competition”, Germany, october 2006 [ATENASTUDIO+ Cityfoerster]
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