▪ Lecture:”The future of HVAC technology in an international perspective” - Amsterdam, June 1999 [Labics]

▪ Exhibition of the international competition “Renovation and design project of S. Giuliano square, Potenza “, Italy, 20-30 June 2001 [Rossana Atena]

▪ Exhibition of the International competition: “Winter garden in Potenza”, Italy, 16 february 2002 [Rossana Atena]

▪ “Archilab Exhibition”, Orleans, Berlage Institute, april 2002 [Rossana Atena]

▪ Biennale of Venice, “Vivere Venezia”, Museo Correr, 11 august-7 september 2002 [Rossana Atena]
▪ “ Forum Tevere”, Design project and re-design of the Tiber River in Rome, Casa Dell’Architettura ex Acquario Romano, Rome, march 2003 [Rossana Atena]

▪ Lecture: “2002-2003 works”, Cornell University, Rome, may 2003 [Labics] ▪ Lecture: “Housing, a quality issue”, CIVA Auditorium, Bruxelles, november 2003 [Labics]

▪ ”Beyond Awareness”, Skyscape | architecture, Berlage Institute of Rotterdam, december 2003- february 2004 [Rossana Atena]

▪ Lecture: “Rozzano city: Ethic and esthetic, innovative border and development”, Domus Auditorium Editorial, Rozzano-Milan, april 2004 [Labics]

▪ Lecture and Exhibition: “Vortragsreihe new faces_challenging, roman“, Fachhochschule, Liechtenstein, may 2004 [Labics]

▪”Disciplines”, Berlage Institute of Rotterdam, december 2004- january 2005 [Rossana Atena]

▪ New Architecture in Japan, Poland and Italy, Academy of Japan 2005 [Labics]

▪ NIB travelling exhibition, Rome 10 october 2005 [Labics]

▪ Italian Architecture Culture,“Tradition and Modernity”, Nanchino China, november 2005 [Labics]

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