ATENASTUDIO follows an environmentally sustainable design approach in all projects at both the urban and architectural scale. Within this design approach, sustainability and bioclimatic research are not seen as independent disciplines but as an integral part of the design process that leads to an environmentally responsible solution. Materials and technologies are integrated with design whilst local ecologies are preserved and intensified to ensure that projects meet high sustainability and environmental standards.

Marco Sardella developed a sustainable design approach during his architectural education. He received numerous awards and acknowledgements including the prestigious ENEA AWARD in 2000.
ATENASTUDIO collaborates with highly competent consultants within the fields of energy consumption and/or environmental impact when the analysis and
testing of an environmental model requires a scientific approach to demonstrate and communicate its results and processes.
ATENASTUDIO has accumulated substantial experience within the field of architectural design, particularly in relation to residential projects within the Mediterranean focusing on shading techniques and natural ventilation. As can be seen from numerous commissions and competition proposals, ATENASTUDIO has also acquired extensive knowledge in the fields of daylighting, geothermal technologies, passive heating and cooling, natural ventilation and water treatment.

Landscape and green space design are integrated within the urban context on all scales. Local environmental and ecological conditions are considered as fundamental factors within the design process and implemented as strategies for the development of a characteristic urban identity.
Within this process, the consideration of ecological factors informs a project not only on the urban scale but also on the human scale where it begins to influence and suggest new modes of living. ATENASTUDIO also relies on expert consultants in the fields of phytopathology, botany and forestry.

Marco Sardella received the Ph.D. in Architecture Technologies (2004) from the ITACA/Department of Architecture at 'La Sapienza' University in Rome.
Rossana Atena has carried out research and teaching on advanced technologies and innovative materials at the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. Atena and Sardella currently work as Contract Professors at LUDI, University 'La Sapienza' of Rome for the 'Technology and Design' studio.
ATENASTUDIO makes use of valued consultants for the implementation of advanced materials and technologies in the design process.