We believe that architecture is an applied art created in the balance between practical and esthetic concerns. The architect must consider the function on the same time that he considers the artistic. The balance between these two aspects will result in good architecture. ATENASTUDIO’s architecture arises out of and in connection with the landscape –both the natural and the human made. 

The spatial dimension arises in the relation between the “outside” and the “inside”. The room is particularly defined by the specific and the unique of the idea. We believe that architectural quality can only emerge with a respect and a deep understanding of the spirit of place, however this will be defined in the future.


ATENASTUDIO follows an environmentally and socially sustainable design approach in all projects at both the urban and architectural scale.

Within this design approach, sustainability and bioclimatic research are not seen as independent disciplines but as an integral part of the design process that leads to environmentally responsible solutions.

Local environmental and ecological conditions are considered as fundamental factors within the design process and implemented as strategies for the development of a characteristic urban identity. ATENASTUDIO believes that future architecture can only be found with respect and care for all relationships in every task– between those that are immediate and instantaneous and those that indicate and project the future. Our goals is to bring not less then excellency of the esthetic as well as functionality of the space. We aim to bring the innovation  of the buildings typology .
Satisfied clients are a primary goal in the ATENASTUDIO.


ATENASTUDIO is an Engineering and Architecture Company based in Rome, working in the fields of architecture, landscape and urbanism. The studio has been established by architects Marco Sardella and Rossana Atena and is now expanded with the collaboration as a partner of an international recognized architect, Anna Maria Indrio, former partner in one of the biggest company in Scandinavia, the  C.F.Møller Architects. Anna Maria Indrio brings in ATENASTUDIO large experience of prestigious projects in addition to those the ATENASTUDIO has already  built.

ATENASTUDIO is strongly involved in several projects of excellency where architecture, advanced technologies, landscape, urbanism and interior design has being developed with high professionalism and full satisfaction of our clients.

Our skills are constantly being developed through new projects and through exchange with our global collaborators, experts and specialists.

ATENASTUDIO has experienced research and practice within the international debate throughout large-scale strategic master plan, for various sectors working with clients from across the globe. The most prestigious of those is the big urban development in Tirana, Albania, which includes a wide range of intellectual and programmatic aspects within mix use programs for urban development of housing, offices, hotels, tourism, sport, retails, schools, theatres and museums. With the participation of Anna Maria Indrio in ATENASTUDIO we have acknowledged a highest quality of experience in museums, educational buildings,  transformation  of buildings and living settlement.



Rossana ATENA, graduated in architecture at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, (1999). She received the Master of Excellence in Architecture (2003) from the Berlage Institute, Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture, in Rotterdam. She was a researcher and guest co-tutor at the Berlage Institute of Rotterdam, and she is involved at University on an academic level as visiting professor. She was a jury member at many invited competitions organized by International Entity. She is working in collaboration with experts from various fields, therefore combining architectural theory, research, innovation, and experimentation with high technical knowledge and professionalism.


Marco SARDELLA graduated in architecture at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ (1999), received a Ph.D. in Architecture Technologies (2004) from the ITACA/Department of Architecture at ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome. He is involved as team leader and project manager on large-scale design projects and international commissions with professionalism and thorough over 20 years of experience in architecture, urbanism, advanced technologies, manager of design and work supervision. Marco’s core quality is his broad education and experience in design integration across the scales with multiple involved parties.


Anna Maria Indrio is an architect based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Italian by birth, Anna is one of the top architects in Scandinavia with numerous awards to her name. She has a long experience of lecturing and writing articles, debates and books about architecture as well as jury member. Over the course of a long and illustrious career, AMI has been Partner in Charge and Leading Designer on a number of very prestigious works in museum architecture across Europe. She has been elected onto a number of important public organizations such as Member of the Board of the National Committee of ICOM.

ATENASTUDIO has been recognized on International level with many architectural lectures and publications: Domus, AMC, House of Steel, Architectural Record, Future, Casabella , Arkitekten, Arkitektur, Architectural Review, Controspazio and many others  like interviews and talk . Anna Maria Indrio has participated in several TV appearances, both in Italy, England and Denmark.   

ATENASTUDIO has received many prizes for winning competitions and awards (Best European Architect under 40- Europe 40 under 40 The European Centre for Architecture Dublin) and had the opportunity to exhibit its work and research at various exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Germany and China. Anna Maria Indrio’s work has been exhibit at the Biennale in Venice three times , at RIBA in London and at the Chicago Athenaeum, among many others.  The list of prizes for Anna Maria Indrio is very long, many of them achieved in Denmark and in England. She has been Knighted in Denmark and has received high commence in Italy.


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▪Female frontier Awards – Highly commended  –  2021 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪Award- Henning Larsens Prize 2018 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪1 prize_Invited competition – Det blå plateau – Norrøn ( Tourist destination on the west coast of Denmark ) -2017 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪1 prize_Invited competition – Cold Hawaii indland – Norrøn  ( Masterplan for activities and waterfront , as well as nine spots along the fjord of Thisted , Denmark) – 2018 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪1 prize_Invited competition – Tourist destinations cabins on the west coast, Denmark-2021 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ The Civic Trust Award – National Maritime Museum, London – 2011 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Award – Eckersberg Medal - Royal Academy of fine art, Belgium – 2010 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award – Darwin Centre, London -  2009 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Concrete Society Award - Darwin Centre, London – 2009 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Østerbrogade 105 - Municipality of Copenhagen’s award for beautiful buildings – 2007 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Østerbrogade 105 - nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award - 2007 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Nykredit Architecture Award - 2006 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Award for beautiful buildings - Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum - 2004 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Knight of the Italian order “Ordine Della Stella Della Solidarietá Italiana” - 2002 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Award for beautiful buildings - Vibenhus Runddel - 2001 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Murprisen - 2000 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Award for beautiful buildings - Tuborg Havn Nord - 2000 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Knight of Dannebrog – DK - 2000 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪ Royal academy of fine art, Belgium - Det Neuhausenske Legat , Gold medal - 1978 [Anna Maria Indrio]

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Museum Pill e’ ‘Mata, Quartucciu (CA),Italy, 2018

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Intervention of environmental tourism enhancement of the communal area of Le Laste di Croce d’Aune”, Le Laste di Croce d’Aune (BL)”, Italy, March 2017

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Renovation of Agricoltural Institute “Della Lucia” laboratories and gym, Vellai di Feltre (BL), Italy, January 2017

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Rehabilitation of Gabelli School, Belluno, Italy,2016

▪1st Prize & Procurement, General Local Plans,
Kavajë, Diviakë and Rroghozine, Albania, 2015-2016

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Restricted International Competition "Riviera urban development and public facilities for tourism development ", Tirana, Albania, November 2014

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Quartucciu sport park and
facilities, Quartucciu (CA), Italy, September 2015

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Student facility building
A.P.P.M, Trento, Italy, November 2014

▪1st Prize & Procurement, Restricted International Competition "Civezzano Health Center and Pharmacy building", September 2014

▪2nd Prize, Restricted International Competition "New Hospital in Montecchio", Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, April 2014

▪1st Prize, Lihu Area, mixed use building complex, Wuxi, China, 2012

▪3rd Prize "Sustainable house", Bucharest, December 2012

▪3rd Prize, design competition " Bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the river Piave. Bridge in the Alps" (BL), Italy, June 2011

▪1st Prize and Procurement, competition "Coast and lakefront redevelopment of the city of Brenzone" Brenzone (Vr), Italy, January 2011

▪1st Prize, Restricted competition "New Lands Commission's National and Regional Headquarters' Building", Accra, Ghana, October 2010

▪2nd Prize, International design competition " Re-development of the former hospital/ the new housing city", Riva del Garda (Tn), July 2010

▪1st Prize "EUROPE 40 UNDER 40", awarded by the European Centre For Architecture, Dublin, 20 May 2010

▪1st Prize competition for Masterplan, "Urban Redevelopment And Urban Design of C.A. Pilati square", Tassullo (Tn)_ May 2010

▪1st Prize "27/37 International awards of young Italian architects_Shanghai 2010", competition awarded by the Roman Institute of architects and by the "Consulta giovani", April 2010

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▪1st Prize, “Architectural Day”, Potenza, september 2005 

▪1st Prize, Invited Competition, “Design Project for the New Technical University of Medicine and Cultural Center, Milan”, september 2002 [Labics, Daniele Durante and Rossana Atena ]okalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast.

▪1st Prize, National Competition, “Paolo Sonino Prize for Environment, Architecture and Installation”, Milan, march 2000 [Marco Sardella]

▪1st Prize “Architectural project for a civic and religious complex”, awarded by the “Vicariate of Rome”, 18 february 2000 [Rossana Atena]

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