In Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, the focus aims to revitalize urban connectivity. Through innovative design, a new bus and train terminal will bridge the divide between disparate urban realms. Embracing a modular paving scheme and multi-functional buildings, the project fosters a cohesive urban identity. As a beacon of connectivity, the terminal symbolizes the municipality’s commitment to progressive urban renewal.

Program: Design Project of a new bus and train terminal and requalification of the urban square
Location: Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland
Client: Municipality of Rapperswil-Jona
Assignment: Short-listed for the II Competition Stage with 3TI Progetti Italia
Schedule: June 2008

Status: Competition
Built Area: 4,000 sqm
Lot Area: 11,000 sqm
Consultants: 3TI Progetti Italia Engineering Company

The site of this infrastructural project is characterized through a strong urban discontinuity due to the railway track that is situated on a level of 3mt above ground creating a physical barrier. This separation is even more accentuated as the two sides feature an complete different utilisation and character. While on the eastern part there is the urban fabric the western side opens into a wide parkland. The only linking element is presently a poorly developed underpass. Intension of this project was therefore to establish an urban continuity between these two separate entities.

This was accomplished through the implementation of four interventions:

1.Redesigning and integrating the underpass within the overall design project in order to give it an urban relevance as high quality linking space. 

2.Realization of a main transport hub, the building of a bus and train station. 

3.Introduction of a new multi-functional building facing the urban square in front of the station to give this undefined space its urban distinct identity. 

4.The introduction of an overall paving pattern that is working on a modular base adjusting itself to local conditions. 

The new bus and train station is appearing as hub and node of interconnections. The built volume presents itself as exposed object, open to both sides to free wide vistas onto the panoramic landscape. The strong stereo metric geometry of this building interacts with the playful treatment of the floor-scape.


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