The master plan proposes an environmental and territorial balance, a cultural enhancement of the landscape and the creation of a park that catalyses functions and binds specific actions. Through an approach based on simple lines, the general project of master plan follows the natural river’s course, completely re-naturalizing the riverbed and redeveloping its margins. The idea is to generate a large river park that can be used with multiple journeys within its embankment. The linearity of its forms communicates in a manner.

Program: Master plan and design of the liner park along the river Rio Is Cungiaus with public facilities
Location: Quatucciu, Cagliari
Client: Municipality of Quartucciu
Assignment: ATENASTUDIO, Lorenzo Grussu
Schedule: 2021
Status: Competition, 3rd prize
Built Area: 250.000 sqm


Through an approach based on simple lines, the general project follows the natural path of the river, completely renaturalizing the riverbed and redeveloping its margins.

The shapes of the paths, soft stretch, are distributed fluidly along the intervention area, incorporating, through the use of a wider perimeter, also part of the existing green elements for which it is planned to redevelop, after assessment of the plant health status.

The spatial organization gives a system characterized by a public and accessible green area that alternates between paths and functions. An element of fundamental importance is the definition of a buffer zone of vegetation used as a shielding element, both for the presence of noise and air pollution that can preserve the area and its users.

The functional areas of the entire project have been imagined as highly flexible, characterized by the conscious use of materials, preferring sustainable solutions.


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