The objective of the Outdoor Museum System and Landscape Design project at Belvedere Castellazzo and Doberdò Area on the Lake in Gorizia is to collaboratively transform the promontory into Park Gradina Castellazzo. Through the integration of karst gardens and historic trenches, the project aims to honor the region’s rich history and natural beauty , fostering accessibility and appreciation of the site’s cultural and environmental significance.


Program: Outdoor museum system and landscape design of the Belvedere Castellazzo and Doberdò Area on the Lake
Location: Gorizia, Italy
Client: Province of Gorizia
Assignment: ATENASTUDIO, KREJ engineering S.r.l., OSA, C&C architettura ingegneria s.r.l., ATA GROUP S. p. A ., Alessandro Sacchet, Stefano Piccioni, Leonardo Filesi, Vilma Fasoli, Made office
Schedule: I phase: April 2010 | II Phase: July 2010

Status: II Phase
Lot Area: 120,000sqm
Total Cost: 1,000,000 Euro

Awards: 4th Prize

The project concerns the entire promontory, identifying an area enclosed by a circular route, the existing part of the new definition, which winds through the visitor center Gradina until Belvedere Castellazzo. A branch leads to the lake. This area is designed as a real park – the park Gradina Castellazzo – that intends to perceived value and make some of the essential components of these places.
The main component of the park is made up of karst garden.
The morphology of the place is altered minimally, with obvious benefits in terms of economic and environmental impact. The combination of these three components (vegetation, rock groups and paths) returns an image that refers to the fractal geometry and merges with the lines and shapes already present in these places.
The ambition of the park project, specifically the garden, is to create this continuous transition from the size of the territory to detail, working on the texture of the vegetation and rocks.

In the park it is possible to recognize different families of paths, corresponding to different levels of use of the park. The main route is a 3 km long circuit that follows the trail of the existing paths, introducing new tracks only in the most outstanding ever to ensure a slope of more than 8% and make the walk more convenient and accessible. Sometimes the path is predominantly carried out by the route of an old trench. The trenches used as walkways are made safe, recovered from their original material and geometric structures and restored as the connection of the territory. Along the route there are some stages and the most important stage of the route consists of the Belvedere Castellazzo. It is a defined area from a combination of natural and man-made: the northern margin, from northwest to northeast, is drawn from the ancient Castelliere airbase, the limit to the southwest is an old trench. This is therefore a real enclosure in which we can find in an exceptional way the history and the nature, perhaps the two major protagonists of the entire Karst.


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