In the aftermath of an earthquake, the reconstruction of ‘HASAN KOÇI’ Primary and Secondary School in Durres, Albania, transcends mere restoration. It presents a unique opportunity to envision and design educational and sports facilities that go beyond the conventional. This comprehensive project aspires to reshape both indoor and outdoor infrastructure, creating a modern and resilient space conducive to fostering learning and physical well-being.

Program: Design of the building for primary and secondary school, indoor and outdoor building sport facilities “HASAN KOÇI” in Durres, Albania _ Reconstruction post-earthquake
Location: Durres, Albania
Client: Albanian Development Found
Assignment: ATENASTUDIO | Team; Davide Marzo, Annarita Martello, Alessandra Gustinucci, Alberto Calenzo, Catalina Valenzuela Cortés, Arber Kokoshi, Arber Kokosh, Klejdi Ngjela, Eljo Sako
Schedule: March 2020
Status: Built
Lot Area: 4,650 sqm
Built Area: 4313 sqm


Central to the redevelopment is the integrated campus design, connecting the school building, indoor and outdoor sports facilities through a carefully planned landscape. The heart of this design is a central courtyard within the school building, hosting an open-air theatre and an outdoor teaching facility. This multifunctional space becomes a dynamic hub for collaborative learning and creative activities. Additionally, a continuous circulation plan throughout the site ensures seamless movement, fostering interaction among students, faculty, and visitors. This interconnectedness contributes to a sense of unity within the campus.

An innovative aspect of the project lies in the inclusivity of the sports facilities. Designed for versatility, these spaces can be utilized by the public without disrupting school functions, promoting a shared sense of community resources. The second floor of the school building introduces an outdoor open seating area covered with a pergola. This elevated space not only provides panoramic views of the courtyard and the outdoor entrance piazza but also serves as a tranquil spot for reflection and relaxation. The careful integration of landscaped areas and gardens throughout the campus emphasizes the importance of nature in enhancing the well-being of the school community. The landscape design ensures a harmonious blend of green spaces with architecture, promoting connectivity and offering serene spots for outdoor activities.

The ‘HASAN KOÇI’ Primary and Secondary School redevelopment is not just a reconstruction effort; it is a visionary approach to creating resilient, inclusive, and dynamic educational spaces. By seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor elements, fostering connectivity, and engaging with the broader community, this project stands as a blueprint for the future of educational infrastructure. From the ruins of adversity emerges a vibrant and resilient future, showcasing the transformative power of thoughtful design in the face of challenges.


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