The pedestrianization and redevelopment project of Viale XVII Olimpiade is motivated by the improper use of the land, the abandonment and neglect of places that compromise the enjoyment of public spaces.

Program: Two phases competition for the masterplan and design project of the public space within the Olympic Village in Rome
Location: XVII Olimpiade Avenue, II Municipality, Rome
Client: Roma Capitale Municipio II
Schedule: January 2019 – May 2019
Status: Competition
Lot area: 39.230 sqm
3rd Prize


We propose to counter these “pathologies” by triggering a virtuous process of regeneration that starts from the will of citizens to regain public spaces and articulates through the search for new connections with the existing.

Considering the insertion in the context of reference and the relations with the surrounding fabric, a double dimension has been sought: an intimate one, with the definition of sheltered areas and the other of a broader scope through the establishment of real ‘collective places’, in close relationship with the system of existing squares.

Green, already strongly present, is understood as a resource that can be implemented as an interstitial fabric that favors the agreement between old and new elements.

The rigid configuration of the axis changes in the harmonious and dynamic aggregation of several components: tree species and shrubs, paths and crossings, mobile furnishings and fixed structures, widespread services and punctual activities qualify the new park urban ‘, conceived with the aim of taking part in the movement that led to the definition, for the neighborhood, of a new vocation, the artistic one, materialized in the recent achievements of MAXXI and the auditorium.

From a functional point of view, the project welcomes the idea of giving the site the same value that has always been attributed to the historic square, that of the market, a place where the individual relates to the community.



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