This commission is to redesign a building which is itself the product of several additions dating from the ‘60s. Located inside the Appia Antica Park on the outskirts of Rome, the building serves the couple as the main residence, workplace, and recreation ground.

Program: Private residence
Location: Rome, Italy
Client: Private
Assignment: Labics: Preliminary, scheme, detail design, work supervision
Status: Construction completed
Schedule: 2002-2005
Built Area: 530 sqm
Lot Area: 2200 sqm
Total Cost: 450,000 Euro
Consultants: Structural Engineering _ Studio 3S – eng. Camillo Sommese, Technical Engineering_ Arch. Riccardo Fibbi, Arch. Carolina de Camillis
General Contractors: Indar s.r l.

Awards: Domus n.903, may 200

According to a specific spatial and functional sequence, vertical axes section the building into service areas, distribution areas, main quarters, and outdoor areas. Besides, the horizontal sequence of floor levels differentiates programmatic zones for sleeping, living, and work space.
These horizontal and vertical sections create a three-dimentional map. The heart of the house is occupied by an immense, full-height vertical void that serves as a spatial membrane for the distribution and the circulation. It links the surrounding rooms in a flexible and dynamic way that is characteristic of contemporary living.

This zone is a spatial, visual, and functional connection point: it is an intersection for public and private space, daytime and night-time activities, and interior and exterior flows. In this way, it assumes an autonomous role as a representative space capable of exposing the intimacy of domesticity.


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