International Design Competition for the Re-Development of the Former Hospital/ the New Housing City. The building is characterized by materiality and plasticity; it generates recognition, domestic appearance and difference at the same time: the building sets up continuous relationship between the emptiness of the courtyards and the elevation system made by several loggias and openings.

Program: International Design Competition for the Re-Development of the Former Hospital/ the New Housing City
Location: Riva del Garda (TN)
Client: A.P.S.P. Città di Riva
Assignment: ATENASTUDIO, KREJ engineering S.r.l, 3TI Progetti Italia S.p.A.
Schedule: I Phase: October 2010, II Phase: June 2010
Status: II phase
Lot Area: 9.998 sqm
Built Area: 6.777 sqm
Consultants: Render_Modostudio
Awards: 2nd prize


The site of the competition is placed on the edge of the historic fabric with important architectural ruins, but it has no direct visual and functional relationship with the surrounding urban areas. The new building design develops along three main urban directions that acting as an ordering element of the surrounding construction site, takes up a series of alignments with the existing buildings.

The project idea was articulated by setting a unique functional building with the existing RSA, both for the continuity of the services and for the “public” feature reasons. The building of the existing RSA then becomes part of a more large-scale development, giving rise to volumes generated from a single axis that distributes facilities with different orientation towards the north side.


The volumetric articulation of the new building pays particular attention to the bio-climatic aspects: the morphological shape of the surrounding area, with the mountains on the West side and the cyclic dominant winds with South-North direction affect strongly the new RSA building.

The design and the orientation of the new building rise from the necessity to protect the inner courtyard from the afternoon winds in order to define gardens and private areas open towards the north direction from which also the scenery views of the Sarca Valley is emphasized.



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