The project is designed considering the new structure perfectly aligned in the existing hospital sector, integrating new facilities and  programs thus to allow high level of service demands.

Program: Design and Built Competition for the New Hospital Complex University of Sassari – Design Project of the University Hospital Complex including the completion, the functional lay-out and the connection to existing buildings.
Final design based on the Preliminary design of CF MOLLER architects.
Location: Sassari, Italy
Client: Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Sassari
Assignment: Final Design
Schedule: December 2015
Status: II phase
Lot Area: 37.000 sqm
Built Area: 65.000 sqm
Total cost: 77.000.000 euro
General Contractors: Pessina Costruzioni S.p.a.


In particular, the reorganization of the spaces is designed to ensure adaptability to the evolution of diagnosis and treatment systems, without disregarding the aspects of comfort, efficiency, and reduction of maintenance costs.

From the urban point of view, the spaces and the paths of the new complex allow the permeability of the hospital area to the citizen, but with respect for the privacy, safety and tranquility of the patient.

An integral part of the project is the green furnishings of the areas present within the entire ground attack of the hospital compartment as well as the square above the multi-storey car park.

In particular, the surface of the square will be furnished with alternations of walkable and raised green. It is foreseen the arrangement of vegetation plantations of Mediterranean type of easy maintenance.

The lighting will be defined by 10-meter constant-pitch streetlights, pathway and underpass lights. The variously colored flooring will create a rythm in shades of gray and will be in photocatalytic material.

The pedestrian paths are made up of various tiers interspersed with seats of different sizes and ramp paths accessible to the disabled. An inner area is dedicated to a children’s play area with classic anti-slip and anti-trauma flooring and various types of games. The entire design has developed with the intention of making the extension work homogeneous with respect to the existing one.



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