Design of the exhibition system concept of the sculptures founded in the archaeological excavations of Via dei Fori Imperiali for the itinerary exhibition within the archaeological complex of the Colosseum Park and Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Program: Invited competition for the museographic design of the temporary exhibition of the “Severi” dynasty within the Romulus Temple and within the second hemicycle of the Colosseum.
Location: Romulus Temple and Colosseum, Rome
Client: Mondadori Electa SpA
Schedule: December 2017
Consultants: Lighting Designer Zanzarella


The image formed in our mind listening to the presentation of the works was immediately clear. A circular environment, an extraordinary architecture. Low ambient lighting, almost in dim light, with the natural light coming from the dome lantern. 20 beams of light coming from below, 20 correspondents, more tenuous, from above, and, in the encounter between the two, 20 marble works suspended from the ground in the void, motionless.

The ways of finding these works have something extraordinary, you cannot tell them today by exposing the result. For almost two millennia these masterpieces have remained encased in mortar, the final act of dispossession and decadence.

Now that, freed, they return to light and can finally be presented to a huge number of visitors, we want to expose them as they have been for all this very long flow of time: encapsulated in a new material, transparent more than glass, malleable and tenacious.

Freeze” part of the volume of these sculptures in blocks of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) allows us to fix the static in the desired position, admire the features and details under all angles, remove any optical barrier to observation, integrate a lighting system from below that makes the works float in the void … realize a vision.


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