The Tower of Wind is a truly sustainable project. In collaboration with DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute), CLT – Denmark and System Engineering, a team of architects consisting of Henning Frederiksen, Christian Fogh and Anna Maria Indrio (Project leader, Atenastudio), will erect, operate and later dismantle for reuse, a pavilion in Copenhagen named ‘The Tower of Wind’. In the Tower of Wind (TOW), the public will experience a journey through the history of meteorology and weather instruments, and get an insight into what the future holds in terms of climate challenges.

Program: Meteorological observation Tower for the Capital of Architecture and the World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: The Danish Architectural Association, Københavns Kommune (Municipality of Copenhagen), By&Havn and UIA23 World Congress Copenhagen.
Assignment: Anna Maria Indrio, ATENASTUDIO_Project leader,  MAAers: Henning Frederiksen and Christian Fogh
Artist:  Simone Aaberg Kærn
Patronage:  DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute)
Main sponsors: CLT Danmark, Standard System Engineering, Bevica Fonden
Associate Sponsors: Statens Kunstfond, Ofelia Plads Foundation, Aarhus Airport, Ole Nonbye a/s, Luci Ombre, Maximus Kran & Specialtransport A/S, Slagelse Lift A/S, All Remove A/S, Carl Ras A/S
Schedule: June 2022 – October 2023

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In Athens stands the original Tower of Wind, said to be the world’s first meteorological observatory. This ancient monument, which dates back to Greek times and can be found today at the foot of the Acropolis, was designed to measure the wind and sun to aid the navigation of ships.
The pavilion in Copenhagen is a retelling of the ancient monument and a tribute to the world’s climate goals as a contemporary observation tower. Several weather instruments will be set up here, where the public can see the measurements from these instruments without delay. In the Tower of Wind there will be exhibited aspects of wind, sun and water and their interaction.

The architectural idea
The Tower of Wind will have a strong symbolic value in the urban landscape In its sleek, simple and beautiful appearance, the tower will signal attention to our natural
elements: wind, sun and water.
Stepping into the space, one learns about these natural elements and the importance of technology in solving the climate problems of the future.

The tower consists of an octagonal room, slightly sloping towards the top and forming in its interior a space of about 4.5 metres in diameter. By tilting the 8-metre long panels, which are shaped in one piece, by about 3 degrees, a strong and alluring view is achieved towards the top, through which the sky is glimpsed and the instruments are placed visible from the outside.



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