Exciting news ! 

In collaboration with DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute),  CLT – Denmark and System Engineering, a team of architects consisting of Henning Frederiksen, Christian Fogh, ATENASTUDIO  has won the open call to build a “pavilion for the future”. 


Copenhagen will be the construction site of the visions during the year of architecture 2023

During the spring, a number of world goal pavilions will pop up along the harbor run in Copenhagen and at selected locations in the city. Together, they will stand as signature projects for the Capital of Architecture and the World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen. 

How can architects and the rest of the construction industry contribute to achieving the UN’s Global Goals and the development of a sustainable world where everyone can have a roof over their head, access to toilets and clean drinking water, health and communities? 


The Tower of Wind

The Tower of Wind is a monument to the development towards sustainable architecture, where the audience will experience a journey through the history of meteorology and get an insight into what future technology can tell us about climate challenges. 

Visitors can enter the tower and, among other things, follow climate developments in real time. The tower is being built with the aim of leaving the smallest possible climate footprint and has a reference to the Greek “The Tower of Wind” in Athens, which is described as the world’s first meteorological observation station.

World goal
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure. 11: Sustainable cities and communities. 12: Responsible consumption and production. 13: Climate action. 17: Partnerships for Action.

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